Select projects showing a variety of design disciplines over the last few years.

My most recent/current work at The Creative Group is protected under an NDA.

“As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

— Amy Poehler
Actress, comedian, writer

“Missy is a joy to work with. She is committed to seeking out the right solutions collaboratively while providing stellar support and direction to her team as a manager. Missy can tackle the tough user experience problems and is constantly adding new research tools to her utility belt. I recommend Missy for her outgoing presence and whole-hearted passion for UX excellence.”

“You always deliver independent of who is on or in your team. You are great at communicating, motivating and directing them to complete business objectives.”

“Missy is a tireless learner and user advocate. Her tenacity and focus makes her an excellent team member. She's fluent in both the creative design and design management processes and is an asset for any digital design team.”

“I've really enjoyed working with you. I have had many, many managers in my career and you have been one of the best. You have a lot of talent both as a designer and manager and I've learned a lot from you.”

“Missy is a very approachable resource and collaborates with all parts of the organization. Her understanding of both the user experience and our company goals helps her quickly produce high quality items. Recently, Missy assumed management role of the design team and her initiative, leadership and communication was much appreciated and well valued.”

“Missy is the kind of manager everyone wants to have. She gives direction and expects you to rise to the occasion. Missy is not the type to micromanage and lets her employees work out of their strengths instead of harping on their weaknesses. Beyond that, Missy is incredibly talented. Her designs are elegant and represent our brand well. She understands what it takes to get the job done and works harder than any I have seen to make it happen.”

“You are great at thinking through the customer experience and designing products that can be easily used by small and micro business customers. Especially considering the minimal design resources you have been given, you have done an outstanding job spending the right amount of time focused on customer experience.”

“Just wanted to shoot you a note to say thanks for working so f’ing hard to get this sucker into a state that can be worked on outside of our group. I am really excited for your transition into leading the design full-time on this project. The design is terrific and the ability to change things so quickly based on your architecture is the only way the new UX gets delivered. More than thank you.”