Hello! My name is Missy Bergen.

I am passionate about identifying what's needed, what's possible, and how we can build and improve viable systems and services to help people. My superpower is "Bringing Order to Chaos" with systems-thinking, organization, and collaboration skills.

Starting my career at a fast-paced and high-energy startup, I learned to be highly adaptable to change, wear many hats while keeping a focus on business goals, and champion a user-centered mindset on teams that is based on research. I currently work with enterprise software, which has strengthened my skills in many large-scale projects, strategy, leadership, and relationship building across teams in a large organization.

Outside of work, I love being active outdoors, eating great food, and connecting with my creativity through photography, DIY and house projects, and more.

Get in Touch!

I'm open to meeting over coffee/drinks or virtually for advice, mentorship, learn how I can help you or your team, and more.