About Missy

Hi! I'm Missy Bergen, an experience designer living in Denver, Colorado.

I am passionate about figuring out what's needed, what's possible, and how we can build and improve viable systems and services that help users of products, and people of organizational teams. My full professional profile can be found over at LinkedIn.

In my spare time I like to cook, eat good food, drink craft beer, read, and take photographs. Being lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Colorado, I get out to enjoy adventures when I can with people I enjoy.

How I Work

User Centered

I seek out to understand the people who are going to consume what I'm creating in order to address the whole user experience. Without this, I couldn't claim to make useful designs.


I build products with people. Then I share with colleagues, team members, and stakeholders to gain feedback in order to quickly go back and revise. Being open to critique is key to improvement.


Psychology and design go hand in hand. Continually learning about subjects such as behavior modeling, cognitive psychology, decision making, and more help to influence my work.


I take pleasure from enabling team members to do their best work by not only guiding them, but helping individuals grow while we all work towards common goals and solving problems together.


I have over a decade of experience, but then there's all the things I don't know. I live to learn and seek out people who know more than me through meetups, books, lectures, conferences, and more.


Understand people and how they interact with products, environment, and others, is useful when building for them. Studying body language is complimentary—I like discovering insights through this method.